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Connections make or break a business, Identity Unleashed has them, deep and wide!  When you contract with us you get the benefit of our team and partners leveraged for you as well as our expertise in business strategies and marketing working on your behalf!  Bada-bing, bada boom, now you're family!


You may be asking, “Do these guys work with a company, business, organization, charity, that is as small as ours?  Are you and your business interesting, call us and let's talk!  Perhaps your thinking, “Can these guys handle a project with a scope as large as we have?”  Get real, of course we can!  We have the collective team, strategies and expertise to knock your situation out of the park!










Through our consulting services we partner with you for your company.  We evaluate your company and situation with you and customize a plan to gain you exposure, reputation and sales.  Then we pull out the right tools for the job and get to work.  Some of those tools are:

  • Social Media Presence and Maintenance

  • Event Management

  • Cross-Promotions 

  • Reputation Management

  • Public Relations

  • Website Creation

  • Photography/Videography

    Geo-Fencing (Ads and offers targeted at people inside a defined map location and time)

    Media Buying

  • SEO/PPC Google Keywords & Analytics


Like it or not your current and potential clients and customers are talking about you and your business brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and others.  If you don't have an online presence or in some ways worse, you have one that you don't daily maintain, in these public squares it's like being the guest of honour at a party you didn't show up for.  People want to interact with you and your brand, they want that personal connection, and they want unique content they can share with their friends and followers!   You need to be there engaging with them and we can help you create something worth sharing and interacting with!  We have a custom designed strategies and management plans to build your brand and reputation through social media!


You're excited, we're excited, let's work together and share that excitement with the public and get them involved with your business, charity or event!

  • Conventions and Meetings

  • Special Events and Guest Speakers

  • Sports

  • Charity and Non-profit

  • Networking Socials

  • Company Golf Events

  • Book Launch Parties

  • Product Launch

  • Customer Appreciation

  • Promotional Nights

  • Grand Openings


Most situations can't be solved with a bad attitude and a set of claws.  So what do you do if you find yourself in the situation of receiving bad publicity and it's trending online and off!  Perhaps you have a message you need to make public but need just the right voice and tact to release it?  Maybe you are getting slammed with bad reviews or too many inquiries through your social accounts to follow up with we can help you with everything including the crafting of your message, contacting the appropriate outlets and running it all through legal council. 


Let's sit down together and craft the look, feel and message you want to share with the world!  We are going to research your business, industry and competition in order to firmly stake your claim online and off.  Our design services will reflect your business identity & personality through words, images, video and design!  Next stage is to take all those new website traffic into customers.  We'll also pull out the tools to get you to the top of search results and optimize your website for mobile users too!


The Unleashing of your brand Identity is at the core of your business and some brands are so pervasive and sticky that customers will even call their competitors after their name, think Skidoo or Kleenex, Chapstick, Popsicle, Q-tip, Sharpie, Band-aid, Frisbee & Jeep and many others.  Marketing trends change but the principles don't.  We have creative ways to continuously reinvent our tactics to reach consumers with your company and it's message!  Talk to us about a custom solution.

  • Graphic Design

  • Printing Services

  • Professional Media Creation 

  • Custom Promotional Items

  • Branding & Rebranding

  • Brand Identity


Times change and so do marketing methods.  A decade ago people were online half as much as today and their research, shopping and buying habits have drastically changed too!  Quick history lesson, From 100 years ago to today marketing has made many different shifts.  It was done through radio, tv and movies, door-to-door and through store catalogues,  You could see or listen to a product placement right in a radio or tv show.  Today there are influencers with huge followings on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more doing the same!  Identity Unleashed will use cutting edge strategies to promote your business!

  • Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO),

  • Website Management

  • Geo-Fencing (for sending an offer, ad or message to potential customers mobile device in a physical location at a specific time)

  • E-mail Marketing (E-blast development & Database Management)

  • Website Management

  • Digital Surveys

  • Digital Event RSVP Forms

  • SEO (Organic & Paid)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)


Media buying is a specialized tool, which can enhance any business.  It's not for everyone but in certain situations it can be a force multiplier if used strategically.  What is it?  You already know, it's the billboards you drive past every day, the radio ads and commercials between the newscasts or the commercials just before your movie at the theater or the ads at the back of the newspaper or magazines.   If it makes sense for your business to properly advertise your brand, Identity Unleashed will integrate Media Buying in your media plan

  • Print Ads (newspapers, publications, magazines)

  • Digital (big box banners, tablet advertising)

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Snapchat)

  • App Advertising

  • Banner Advertising

  • Radio Ads

  • Television Commercials

  • Prime Time News Ads

  • Billboards/Digital Billboards

  • Cineplex Theaters

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